Racing Laces elastic laces allow natural foot movement for fewer injuries and better muscle development and performance

Traditional laces prevent sideways expansion in the shoe as your foot bends at the MTP joint, squeezing the metatarsal bones together while you move. Racing Laces elastic laces allow for natural movement and expansion in your shoes which reduces the likelihood of injury and strengthens the small stabilizing muscles of your feet. And strong muscles increase your power and balance so you can dominate on the road or trail.

Easy slip on, slip off gets you in the game quicker, while the high-tension elastic laces keep your shoes on your feet.

You shouldn’t have to fumble with knots when you’re lacing up for an event. Racing Laces elastic laces stretch enough to allow your foot to comfortably slip in and out of your shoe when you need to, but they’re firm enough to keep your shoes comfortably on your feet even in the roughest terrain.

Independent locking system prevents slipping to ensure a secure fit

Racing Laces no-tie, no-slip spring locks mean you’ll never have to tie your shoes, or worry about them coming untied during athletic activities. Our exclusive independent locking system places even pressure on both sides of the shoe lace in order to prevent the laces from loosening when you move.

We’ve tested these locks over hundreds of miles and countless hours of game time. We’re obsessed when it comes to ensuring your shoes fit and feel as comfortable as possible, so you can rest assured that Racing Laces no-tie, no-slip locks are the best in the game.