Designed by athletes, for athletes

Located in Salt Lake City, the Racing Laces team is dedicated to the belief that athletes can reach the next level of performance and avoid injury by using the right shoelaces.

The idea for Racing Laces started in 2014 while Kirby, one of our founders, was training for a Spartan obstacle course race (pictured above). He found that regular shoelaces caused foot fatigue and inflammation in his peroneal tendon because they squeezed the sides of his feet inward and didn’t allow his shoes to flex and bend with his feet. After months of careful research and learning from sports medicine doctors and specialists he started using elastic laces instead of regular cotton ones and was surprised by how much more comfortable they made his shoes feel. Almost overnight the tendonitis went away and he was able to increase his running distance to over 30 miles / week. It was obvious – elastic laces were the next evolution in footwear technology.


We started hunting around to see if a product like this existed anywhere, but what we found was disappointing. Other elastic laces were too stretchy and poor quality, or they slipped through the spring lock while we were moving so our shoes didn’t stay tight. It was clear that if we wanted to enjoy the benefits of high-quality elastic laces we’d have to make our own. So that’s what we did.


Since then we’ve used Racing Laces while training for and running a number of foot and bicycle races, and while playing several different sports. Now we’re working to bring them to the masses. Racing Laces are designed by athletes, for athletes who want to protect their feet and reach the next level of performance. They are the perfect complement to your athletic footwear.


By day we are project managers, web developers, and office workers, with the odd photographer and stay-at-home mom sprinkled in. By night we’re obsessive runners and athletes who love to take on a challenge. We take footwear seriously. We hope you’ll give Racing Laces a try because we’re confident that you’ll find them ridiculously comfortable and performance-enhancing – not to mention good-looking.


Thanks for checking out our website and learning about Racing Laces. We’d love to hear about you! Please send us your pictures and stories by clicking the “Contact Us” button below.


Keep moving!