Racing Laces. Premium elastic shoelaces

Racing Laces. Premium elastic shoelaces designed to strengthen your feet, prevent injury and help you keep moving. Click here to see what makes Racing Laces awesome.

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Improve Power & Balance

Natural foot movement reduces likelihood of injury and strengthens muscles so you can dominate on the road or trail.

Racing Laces premium elastic shoelaces improve power and balance

Ridiculously Comfortable

Racing Laces elastic laces stretch to let your shoes move and bend with your feet, creating a more comfortable running experience.

Racing Laces premium elastic shoelaces are ridiculously comfortable

Quality You Can See

Built to last. We use the best materials and guarantee the quality of of these laces for the life of your shoes.

Racing Laces premium elastic shoelaces. Quality you can see

Win in Style

Racing Laces come in 10 bold, bright colors to complement your favorite running shoes. Click Shop Laces to check them out.

Racing Laces premium elastic shoelaces come in 10 bold colors

See what people are saying about Racing Laces

Jesse (verified owner):


TLDR: these laces improved the comfort and fit of a pair of shoes I already love.


On recommendation from my brother I bought a pair of RacingLaces. Bought them online on a Sunday evening and they arrived Thursday. I live on the west coast.


I decided to test the claim that they increase comfort and reduce pressure, etc etc. I put RacingLaces on one shoe, and left the original laces on the other shoe (Nike Free 5.0, if you’re interested). I had to fiddle with the tightness a few times over the first half hour, but I found a good fit soon enough. (TIP: when you first cut the laces to put them into the “lace end” plastic thing, give yourself more slack than you think you’ll need. You can always trim them down more later.)


The biggest difference I noticed was that when I went around corners my foot didn’t slip sideways within the shoe. The foot in the original-lace shoe was sliding just a little bit. This had always been an annoying issue with these shoes, because it was uncomfortable to tighten them to the point where my feet didn’t slide at all. It wasn’t a huge deal, but I basically had to choose between optimal comfort and optimal fit. Now it seems that these elastic laces will allow me to have both. Cool.


I was going to keep testing for another day or two, but this no-more-sliding thing was enough to convince me that these were superior to my original laces. I hadn’t expected such a clear difference. So I put RacingLaces on my other shoe, and it’s been good ever since. I’m going to be buying another set for my other pair of shoes.

Matt (verified owner):


I bought these laces a few weeks ago. When I bought them, this shipping was SPEEDY fast. They’ve been sitting on my counter waiting for me to use with my newest running shoes. I finally laced them up this afternoon, it was quick and easy to put them on then running with them on felt great. I am looking forward to using these laces on every pair of running shoes in the future. Highly recommend these laces.

Mark Allen:


Laces shipped fast and arrived quickly. Definitely high quality. Great customer service. Thanks

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